#universe #within

#Universe #Within #02

How I..

…discovered the routes to Self.  How! One step at a time made all of Myself unaccustomed to anything  or anyone.

How! Consciously carved a space within to reason  the without.

How! All this led to execution of old self everyday and reinventing  a new ‘Me’ every single moment. 

How! Indeed I reached ME.

#universe #within

#universe #within

#Universe #Within

#universe #within

My dear reader friends… I am excited to announce new category after Bare Bouts, Behna blog, Thoughtful Teaching, Bhagwad Gita now it is – Universe Within. Hoping to post often!!!!

I would like to mention that this journey of words which started 3years ago has been more than exhilarating. This conquest of knowing self in response various stimuli (my mind, heart, situations) has been a reforming one. Learnt so much about self, gained clarity and made lovely friends here, the process still continues.

This place is peace of my mind and soul. Hoping I have garnered a teeny weeny place for my words in my reader friend’s mind and heart. I also thank each and every reader, editor and for all the love via comments, follows and sharing your beautiful thoughts making my space more valuable. See you around….

Lots of love & hugs Jay:)