Ram Aur Ravan

How the definition of Diwali changed over the years…
As kids it was about crackers and sweets
As we grow it was about new clothes
As a lady it was more about cleaning, baking, family, relatives and so on

But when you are on a personal journey of transformation, meanings just change…
Diwali is all about…realizing

राम और रावण मुझ मैं|

This realization happened last year…
When I understood how beautifully powerful it is to accept your own negatives and rise above. Also, understanding our negatives make us all the more unique. Negatives should be celebrated and loved. That is complete acceptance of my राम और रावण

Acceptance of ‘me’ also brought me to accept my reality leading to acceptance of beauty in each one that we are incomplete without the रावण. Greater changes then started to happen.

But, we must with knowledge, harness the राम to win increasingly killing the रावण… And Walk the path to embrace the राम that is the light within beating the darkness and illuminating my being and world around me.

And the Journey has just begun… to nurture and grow light within to illuminate the without. November 2021

Ram Aur Ravan Mujh Main